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Fish Arrive in Erie, PA!

Slots are limited... should be a banner year. Erie, PA walleye fishing will be good through September!

6/2/24: Graduation trip with my nephew Quinton, Dad, Reese, Travis, and Owen. We kept the Raymarine USA Axiom "fishy" 🐠🐟 staying between 58' and 65'. 5C of FishUSA Stealthcore with scorpion spoons on one side and renoskys on the other gave our crew and flagship rods a workout today. We improved our Traxstech Corporation rigger game today by putting small spoons back 20-30' in the mud. Any rigger set above 10' from the bottom rotted. Mono divers back 50 to 100' also chipped in. Found some bigger fish today with our biggest at 8#. 38 legal eyes boated (36 iced), 2 released, 7 shorts and a silver bass for the crew.

Good luck on the next chapter!

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